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I'm Carole, living in London, happily married and mum to two amazing boys.I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Rectal Cancer in April 2010. Surgery took place in November 2010 and I now have a permanent colostomy...Spinal mets were then diagnosed in October 2011...In January 2012 I was told of further spread to the hip area (multiple lesions)..My life expectancy is now 6-9 months. Walk alongside me on the last part of my experience with this..

Friday, 8 October 2010

Back to What I do Best.....

Had a little think about things this afternoon - mainly about the new date for the surgery and how to get this organised now.
I have to plan things around this operation and I need an indication of when it will happen now.

So decided to do what I do best, put my 'Official Nuisance' suit back on again (complete with tights, cape, mask and badge) and start to chip slowly away at everyone until I get a new date.

Success - late this afternoon after numerous phone calls, voice messages left for people and emails sent out I received an email from the colorectal nurse informing me that P (in admissions) should have a new date for me by Monday and if I've not heard from her by late afternoon to give her a ring to find out the information.

So then I did the next thing that I do best....I cooked (well started cooking) something.

I've always said every year that I WILL make my own Christmas pudding this year - then I always end up buying one instead.
This year I've made my own :-) and it's currently cooking away happily for the next 10.5hrs then it will be kept in a dark place for the flavours to fully develop in time for Christmas.

This year Rab will be in charge of Christmas lunch (Hey! what do you mean you've all got plans that you'd forgotten to tell me about...lol) - Rab's got really good at cooking actually, 'Practice makes Perfect' has been proven in his case
He will be cooking and I will be supervising (from the sofa). It'll be as good as it always is - I promise, with the addition of home made Christmas pudding.
Mum, you're in charge of mince pies as always.
Lou - am I getting a cake this year?

Thinking about Christmas made me realise that I need to organise some stuff in advance this year - NO last minute stuff which is my usual way of organising Christmas.
If I'm not lifting or stretching for a minimum of 6 weeks I need to get some stuff underway.


  1. What time would you like us to arrive on Christmas Day? There's only me, my husband, 2 kids, my mum and 5 hens...
    Don't worry, only kidding! Post a photo of your Christmas pud when its cooked. Did you remember to fill it with sixpences?
    PS This is such a bloomin frustrating time for you - all this limboland malarky - but glad you're rolling your sleeves up and making plans and puds - a great way, and possibly the ONLY way to cope! Well done bonny lass x

  2. Hi Carole, (official nuisance mentor)

    Always best to prepare as much as possible...I was shopping a few days before my op and had the sudden urge to buy Fran a valentines day present and card...Got the box of chocs wrapped and the card written and hidden away in my wardrobe all done in the beginning of January...didn't believe that I would still be inside 7 weeks later...it was a nice surprise when I told her to look in me wardrobe! :-)

    I have just made myself laugh as have just written about 3 cliches then deleted them. For comic effect I will add them back in - Keep Positive, Don't let them get you down and Chin up!!! Oh dear I have agony auntitis!

    I also think you should ring the AA and no not the Automobile Association, about that Brandy addiction you are getting...I have the same one for JD!

    Chill my dear friend, much love to you all.

    T xx

  3. Shents, I swear if I had the room you could all come - even the hens :-)
    One day, when I win that lottery and have my huge stately home, we'll all do Christmas at mine.

    I shall post a pic of my pud - I'm quietly optimistic that it's going to be good (it's drenched in Brandy so if it's crap, everyone will be too wobbly to notice - *that's* the plan)

  4. Hiya Tony ONNB, (Official Nuisance, Northern Branch)...

    I'm keeping Christmas pretty low key this year (for obvious reasons) but figure it's good to plan ahead so that all goes smoothly. I was also thinking about what happened to you, how you ended up in there much longer than originally planned...makes sense to get some stuff done first just in-case.

    I rang the AA about the Brandy and they said they were busy dealing with some bloke who had a JD problem - I promised to ring back, some time in the future...I've moved on to Vodka now - it goes surprisingly well with lemon and honey :-)

  5. You'll be getting a Christmas cake, whether you want one or not!! Got some silver threepenny pieces for Christmas puddings too if you want them (you can stuff them in before you - sorry, Rab cooks it on the day). x

  6. Thanks Lou,
    That's cool coz I definitely want one :-)

    And it will definitely be Rab cooking it on the day this year - he's confident he can do this

  7. If Rab is cooking then I'm going to send Manolis over one week early to spend time with Rab! M needs a map showing how to find the kitchen! Well done Rab. I've always liked your cooking anyway:) And Christmas cake by Louise, yummy!! So all this talk of Christmas and me being a Christmas baby is making me feel another year older already! :(
    Hope your appointment making goes to plan on Monday, see you soon sis xxx