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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Well Done Sis & Well Done Rhodes, Greece ;-)

As some of you know by now, my lovely little sister Sarah lives on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes (Rodos) and today they held their first ever event for 'Race for Life'.

All proceeds raised go towards the training of two nurses in Rhodes hospital for a post grad course in Nursing and Psychological Oncology.

Rhodes is a small Greek Island and I think it's great that they took the initiative to do this......... As you're probably aware they (along with the rest of Greece) are being absolutely battered by government cutbacks at the moment and could easily have just said 'Sorry, we can't afford these posts anymore' - but instead they've got together with the Greek Cancer Society and organised this fund raising event.

Many people turned out on the day to support the 'Rhodes for Life 2010, Race Against Cancer' and my sister was one of them....... She ran for me and I'm so so proud of her....she even had my name on the back of her shirt, along with others in her running group :-)

Pictures courtesy of Sarah below:

Well done Sarah and all your team. Maybe next year I'll be there to do the Rhodes for Life 2011 with you all :-)
I hope that enough has been raised on the day to make sure that Rhodes hospital get the funding they need to pay for these two essential posts.


  1. Thanks sis, my team are all behind me and its really helped having some girl power around for support. They all asked about you today and hope all goes well this week.
    It was a successful day with over 2000 people running so I'm sure this won't be the last race they do, so get that passport done for next year then!!

  2. Fantastic, Sarah - well done to you and all your pals!
    And LOOK at the lovely blue skies and sunshine! What the HELL are we doing sitting in this cold damp place!

  3. Well done girls! my cousin melinder lives in Greece too, in skiathos but they spend half the year or something in rhodes if i remmeber rightly, with her husband and their two sons I wonder if she joined you. either way you did very well!

  4. Well done Sarah, it must have been tough running in the Rhodes heat, been there once a few years back and loved it!

    Do you have an on-line sponsor thingy..

    T xx

  5. Well done love and all your team, wow what a lot of people turned up for the run , so glad it was such a big success i`m sure it will carry on next year. Love you loads Mum and Dad xxxx