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Saturday, 2 April 2011

I'm SO SO angry and upset........

This has nothing to do with cancer....well actually is does - just a different type of cancer. This is the type that affects all of us in some way or another, it's a type of cancer that no amount of Chemo could control, Radiotherapy wouldn't help - I'm not even sure that there is a cure of any type as this particular cancer has grown completely out of control....

The 'cancer' I'm talking about are some of the youths in our society. Some who haven't got even the most basic of morals, some who think they can take from anyone because the world 'owes' them something - however they are not prepared to put anything back into society, just take, take, take.
Youths who think they are owed respect (but probably can't even spell the word, never mind truly understand it) Youths who will probably never work, never have any success in their lives and never know true values.

I'm tired of hearing about their poor little lives, one parent family status, poor background, yet another baby on the way to yet another 'baby mother'.
I'm tired of people like magistrates constantly making excuses for their behaviour and giving them chance after chance to go out and do the SAME thing all over again with virtually no consequences at all.
I'm tired of the rest of us having to support them and their rotten to the core families who have 'raised' them whilst living (sponging) off the rest of us.
I'm tired of people saying 'but they've not had an education'...well why bloody not! They get the same chances as the rest of us - you automatically get a FREE education in this country and they waste it by refusing to attend because they are too busy being involved in crime to get their backsides into school. There are people in other countries who would do anything to get the opportunity to provide an education for their kids - but not these losers who've had it easy their whole lives.

So, what's caused my total rant you may well be asking? I'll tell you.....

Today, my precious 11 year old boy who HAS morals, is attending school and tries to always help others was robbed and attacked TWICE in 15 minutes.

He went out with his friend to kick a ball around on the local common for a few hours, buy themselves some bubble gum and just get some fresh air on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Dj has never been a 'street' kid, doesn't play out locally on the streets because the dregs of the earth play out round here. He has only recently been allowed to start meeting his friend and spending a few hours outside because we are trying to encourage some independence for him...but he's not allowed to just 'hang' on the streets at any time.

Firstly a gang of four much older teenagers (one of them female) robbed him of his phone (a VERY basic phone with no picture or video facilities - this phone simply sends texts or makes a call) and his wooden catapult which was a present that I'd got him in Rhodes recently...
He did exactly what I'd told him, didn't argue with them and walked away. I've always said material things mean nothing - we can replace them but we can't replace him - luckily he remembered this and simply turned and walked away.

As he was making his way home to tell me about what had just happened to him he heard running footsteps behind him and turned around to receive punches to his face and head by a 'different' gang (although both I and the Police suspect they ARE connected)...
This second group consisted of 3 teenagers (with their faces covered and hoodies up) and he was then ordered to turn out his pockets and forced to hand over his £1 coin...
Yes, having a whole £1 coin on you now gets you punched in the head until you hand it over.
He was then told 'Right now F**k off home'!
Leaving my boy there crying and distraught they swaggered off down the road to spend his pound and must have felt so proud of their afternoon's work.

He arrived here with his face all red and swollen on the right side and was shaking with fear. These bastards robbed an 11 year old child for a pound.
I'm not a vindictive person, I make a point of not wishing bad things onto people but today I WANT something to happen to them instead of the numerous good people that find themselves battling with what life throws at them.

Does this make me a bad person? If it does, right now I don't care.


The police were brilliant and arrived within 5 minutes. They then took him out in their car for over an hour, driving round seeing if he could spot any of them.
I apologised for calling them for something that is 'trivial' considering what they have to deal with around here, but they assured me that it is NOT trivial.

We had some discussions whilst driving around and they also are sick and tired of these types of crimes being treated leniently. They told me that as they get older these scumbags progress from street robbery using punches, to robbery using knives then finally they start to use firearms in their activities until they either kill or maim someone.

Down the road from us this week a 5 year old girl was shot along with a male relative whilst standing in a local shop...This made National news.
Two youths ran into the shop trying to escape from others chasing them - when the others arrived they opened fire into the shop and this child was gunned down...5 years old in a shop!....
Today the Police told me that the people responsible for such appalling crimes start with 'easy' robberies such as the one on Dj today.

So every Magistrate that doesn't apply the force of the law onto these thugs when they are caught early in their chosen 'careers' is responsible for the injury and sometimes the murder of innocent bystanders. All because they want to make excuses for these lowlife, cowardly scumbags.

I know we are now finding some ways to put some cancer's into remission - but I fear that this particular cancer cannot be cured.


  1. Really sorry for DJ. I'd like to be able to say "what goes around comes around" but its not enough! I feel for the police as well with their hands are tied. It makes you feel like taking the law in your own hands.! Pleased they came so quickly and were keen to scan the area., I hope they catch the basta*ds and give them a kicking!

    DJ, I'll buy you another catapult and send it by post ASAP xxx

  2. Rab doesn't know yet Sis and he *will* feel like taking the law into his own hands :-(

    The police told me that they are continually arresting the same kids over and over again. There is no deterrent though because they get let off over and over again and so the cycle continues.

    Just hope it hasn't destroyed the confidence that he's managed to build up over the last few months.

    I've told him exactly the same phrase...'What goes around comes around' but he's not convinced.
    Anyway, at least he's not seriously injured

  3. Poor Dj. I hope he still feels 'safe' at school.

    I'm so thankful that, boring though it may seem to a teen, we had the chance to live where we do, in a small community where if as a kid or youth you get up to anything someone who knows you will see you and report back.

    We still have our 'yobs' who hang around in drunken threatening groups, and we still have burglaries etc, but it's rare to hear of knives or firearms. We still have our drug takers but most of them are known to the local pharmacy staff (including me) and all the staff at the doctors.

    We dont have any police presence apart from a community officer who appears on and off and does at least make a point of getting to know troubled families.

  4. OH MY GOD! I sincerely hope Dj is alright. What a cruel cruel world we live in, when bright innocent kids are in danger playing outside their home.

    You know, I was always angry with my mother and father when they didn't let me play outside, or go down the road to hang out with friends; I was angry when they expected me to come back home at such an early hour. But when something like this happens so close to home (and Dj of all people - the most sweetest kid I have ever met) I understand why parents do what they do.

    Don't let Dj feel disheartened because of this. I am a believer in Karma, they will get exactly what they deserve. But regardless of this, the law in this country NEEDS to change! As you said aunty, the system is broken and is basically advocating 'no punishment' to the youths of today.

    Give Dj my love, tell him we are all thinking of him, and tell him how special we all think he is.

    I am so very angry.

  5. Hi Fiona,

    I'm sure he'll be okay, especially at school. The Police have been back on the phone to him today making sure he's coping and getting some more details from him.

    The Detective told me 'He's a sweet kid, really polite and well mannered and it's sickening to us that decent children have to experience these sorts of things'...so true.

    As you say it may be 'boring for teens' where you are but I can see distinct advantages.


  6. Hi Lamia,

    He's fine today - and to be honest that's down to the Police.
    He believes they took it seriously, he feels they *want* to stop this and it's put his mind at rest that they didn't dismiss it as 'just another street robbery' or 'too busy to deal with this'.

    Like you, I do believe in Karma....'you reap what you sow' and all that.
    'Something' will happen, in time, to people that treat others with no respect.

    The system is rubbish though because the law *is* in place to deal with even 1st offenders, the Police do their bit using up tons of manpower and hours - then some Magistrate decides (time and time again) to give them yet another chance.
    Hence, no consequences means no deterrent...sigh...

  7. Gosh Carole - I feel like I want to come down to London and find these horrible kids for you. What an awful experience for you all, especially Dj. We take it for granted up here in our little village community -the kids are so safe here, and all the big kids look after the little ones. I feel so sad that Dj has had to experience that. But pleased that the police have treated you well and respectfully. What are you going to do now? It seems awful that good kids like Dj have to stay in to avoid the scumbags that are wandering around the streets. Not fair. I hope they find the little sods.
    Give Dj a hug from me and tell him that when I'm busy walking the 26 miles round London in May I'll be looking out for them. I'll make sure I have a catapult with me too.
    Shents xxx

  8. OMFG!!!! Poor Dj! What a horrid and scary thing to happen, but at least he is (relatively)ok. Good to see the Police taking positive steps: can't say they've always been quite so useful over the years.

    It might seem a waste of time, but you could always try writing to your MP and asking why it is that the same pieces of scum get let off time and time and time again, only to go back out on the street and do exactly the same thing - and worse. If Britain is broken, then isn't it about time 'we' did something to bloody well fix it then??

    Much love to Dj xxxx (More Auntie kisses *sigh*)

  9. I am so sorry and so bloody ANGRY at this.These scum are going to have children and will be the example for them.My son is a policeman and he gets so frustrated at the lack of power that they have and now the government are cutting the number of police officers.You would not believe the stories I have heared.
    I hope Dj recovers from this ,how on earth do we let them grow up when things like this happen?
    Hugs to you all Carole

  10. O my god , Carole we are so sorry and upset that this can happen to DJ our grandson that wouldnt hurt a fly, they are the scum of the earth these layabout that think they can just take anything off of anyone, especially a child.
    i hope this doesnt make him not wanting to go out with his friends and affect his confidence as he is growing up in to a well adjusted young man.
    The law is far to soft on these thugs, i dont know what this world is coming to.
    Give DJ our love and so glad that he wasnt badly hurt, it could have been so much worse love.
    love Mum and Dad.xxxx

  11. Thanks everyone for the hugs and good wishes for my lovely lad.

    He's okay about things today BUT Dj and I went out a few hours ago, just locally for ice-cream and a walk and I noticed how 'clingy' he was - just like he used to be. Instead of wandering off to look at something he made a point of asking me if we could walk that way together 'just in-case there are any older kids hiding that I can't see from here'...:-(

    He'll be fine, but think it'll be a few days before he gets his confidence levels back up again.

    Apart from that, the robbery squad phoned him today just for a chat.
    I seriously cannot fault the Police on this, they've been fantastic for what is a relatively minor crime in this area.

  12. Hi Carole, I am so sorry to hear about your son.
    How is he coping?
    My daughter, Roxanne and I were reading through you blog together today.
    Roxanne said, (quote).
    'There is a way to cure this cancer...bring back bloody hanging!'
    I tend to agree with you, there is little respect, and there are a about 1\3 of people working to support the rest. I am happy to do this for people who are unable to work, but not for spongers.
    It seems to me that the human rights of criminals are treated as more important that the human rights of working, law abiding citizens.
    Give DJ a hug for me.

  13. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your hug for Dj - he's coping okay at the moment but his confidence has definitely taken a bit of knock. Understandably so.

    I get so frustrated with the unfairness of these youths being able to walk away time and time again because someone decides they deserve chance after chance. I don't blame the Police for this in any way, the law IS in place to deal with them but we've got to convince the magistrates to start using it properly.

    Maybe we need bootcamps to sort them out, a taste of how harsh life can be for them, if they can't fit in with the rest of us and live a civilised life...
    Could be good work opportunities for all the armed forces they are soon going to make redundant and chuck out into civvy street with limited employment opportunities available!

  14. oh Carole :( sorry haven't been checking in on your blog for a while - had to move house :( glad the police have been helpful. I hope DJ's confidence comes flowing back, and like you i believe bad things will eventually come one way or the other to these sort of people :(

  15. There is no excuse for these holigans behaviour, every one knows the difference between right and wrong....They all need locking up this country is becoming a laughing stock the worse you behave the better you are treated....Shame on them.

    Hope DJ is on the mend

    Wendy x

  16. Thanks Wendy...he's fine now. Spent a few days a bit shaken up but back to normal again now (although the test will be when he goes out again with his little mate by himself - so far he's not mentioned this).

    As you say 'Shame on them' but I don't believe they feel shame, not these type of kids :-(