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Monday, 15 August 2011

On a lighter note.........

In my previous post on rioting and looting there are lots of pictures....dramatic pictures of fires, damage, unrest.....

This one is the only one that's so far made me smile....

I've since been given the website address for lots more pics just like this (thank you Sue)...if you need a smile too then have a peek through - the address is in the comments section below


  1. Mr photoshop had a hand in that picture. http://photoshoplooter.tumblr.com/

    Some of them are very funny.

  2. Q - Is this a snake takeaway?
    A - No - its an adder...

    Sorry about that - it was crying out for a caption!

    Fab picture Carole - really made me laugh too!
    Also - its been great to read your thoughts on the whole thing. I completely agree with all you've said.


  3. Thanks for that Sue...they *are* really funny.

    My favourite after looking through is Pillage People...LOL - well funny :-)

    Hi Shents,
    The title on the the site that Sue gave me the address for is 'Team Work'...I prefer yours :)

  4. I'm really disappointed that the photo isn't 'real!' I honestly thought those guys were really nicking a big fat cuddly snake! Lol!

    Had a look at the website. It's brill. My fave is the Cameron one with no.10 getting looted.


  5. LOL Shents! Love the "snakeaway" caption! Some of the looting kids could do with some poisoning with their chips!

  6. Shents,

    Me too - I wanted it to be true as well...:(

    I did LOL @ the Cameron one, so so funny.

    In total there's quite a few on there that really amused me..great site (but yes, am disappointed the snake wasn't 'really' stolen...)

  7. Aw Carole, just had a look at those photos, yes some are really funny, feel like sticking a couple on my FB wall, but i'm always a bit wary about what I put on there! if you know what i mean? Theres always someone you'll upset of offend no matter how innocent your intentions are,

    Lynn x

  8. Tell me which one/s you like Lynn and I'll post them on your wall for you - that way if anyone's outraged they can moan at me...I'm tough enough LOL

    I know what you mean about FB though - start up your own blog, then you can put what you like on it :)