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Thursday, 5 May 2011

5th May - Mum's Birthday :-)

Happy Birthday to Mum.

Mum and Dad have gone to Rhodes to spend the next two weeks with Sarah...I know they were hoping for nice weather (although they wouldn't have actually cared if it did rain every day).

Here's a weather report for you Mum - enjoy your birthday and relax in the sunshine for the next 2 weeks :-)

May 05
Sunny69°/61°0 %
May 06
Sunny / Wind68°/58°0 %
May 07
Sunny / Wind67°/57°0 %
May 08
Sunny66°/57°0 %
May 09
Sunny68°/59°0 %
May 10
Sunny69°/61°0 %
May 11
Mostly Sunny70°/61°0 %
May 12
Mostly Sunny69°/62°10 %
May 13
Sunny70°/62°0 %
May 14
Sunny70°/62°0 %
Last Updated May 5 08:20 a.m. Local Time

This is the view that they woke up today........

Which is a HUGE improvement on what they usually wake up to....below

Have a lovely time and a great birthday

Lots of luv from us all xxxx


  1. Wishing your Mum the happiest of birthdays Carole. Guess she will be reading this entry while she is away. Cool!

  2. Thanks Chez...

    Yes, I'm sure she will read my blog whilst I'm away - just in-case they miss anything :-)

    Keep as well as you can Cheryl - hugs xxxx

  3. Wishing your Mum a Happy Birthday, and your Mum and Dad A great holiday. I hope that the weather is great for them.

  4. Thanks Carol,

    Am sure they'll have a great time, they've been looking forward to it for ages now.

    Apparently my Dad was sat on the sofa in his jacket asking 'Can we go to Gatwick now?' - the day BEFORE they were flying out - lol :-)


  5. They had a lovely day with plenty of sunshine thank you. I'll try to remember to update my blog too! I'll get mum to sign in the laptop tomorrow. Hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sis,

    Glad they're having a great time.

    Mum's got lots of messages on her FB page too so she probably does need to use the laptop.

    Have fun and I'll give you a ring over the w/end

    Much luv xxxx

  7. Goats? Sarah has goats outside her flat????

  8. Hi Lou,

    Yep, she has goats outside her apartment. You can sit on the balcony watching them either in the field opposite (as in the pic) or climbing up the mountain, which is just to the left.

    You need to go visit my Sis :-)


  9. Happy Birthday, Sarah and Carole's mum! There are still a few hours left of it here in the states. I'll keep partying for you while you sleep it off. :-)

    I have a few birds in a tree outside my bedroom window that like to wake me each morning, but no goats. I'll bet it's nice to see the countryside instead of concrete for a change. Enjoy your stay.

    Sarah, please spoil them like you did Carole. She came back quite the better for the trip.

    Hugs all around. xx

  10. Thank you everyone for your good wishes , yes its a lovely day today again , sunny and a bit of a breeze , suits my husband fine. i had a great birthday we went to a beach cafe and had a Greek meal, the food kept on coming up, i was stuffed. We met up with Manolis,s Mum and Dad and two German friends of theirs, we had a laugh trying to understand everyone.good job we had Sarah with us , ha ha ,lots of love xxxx

  11. LOL mum, Sarah doesn't speak German :-)))