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I'm Carole, living in London, happily married and mum to two amazing boys.I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Rectal Cancer in April 2010. Surgery took place in November 2010 and I now have a permanent colostomy...Spinal mets were then diagnosed in October 2011...In January 2012 I was told of further spread to the hip area (multiple lesions)..My life expectancy is now 6-9 months. Walk alongside me on the last part of my experience with this..

Friday, 17 September 2010

Dates for your diary.......

The following dates are now important - so pay attention :-))

Tuesday, 21st Pre-Op Assessment at hospital - "expect to be here for a half day"

Wednesday, 29th - Surgeon wants to meet with me again (just to check I'm still in the country I suspect)

Monday, 4th October - Admission to hospital (if I'm still in the country :-)...)

Tuesday, 5th October - Horrible Op (if I've not worked out how to escape undetected from the ward the previous night)

Wednesday, 6th October onwards until further notice - in hospital.

Updates will be provided by James as and when he has relevant information.


  1. I've saved all the dates on my phone aunty.

    Love your humour (and that's all it is right?! Your not thinking of leaving the country are you!?).

    An inspiration to us all xx

  2. Hi Lamia,
    I shall stay here and I will do the Op and I will recover and be back to my normal(ish) self as soon as possible.

    I have to - Uncle Rabah can only cook about two different meals, Dj won't eat his cooking as it is - so I have no option other than to recover and get back to doing normal things :-))

  3. I can see your predicament :-) And as much as I adore your strength and your devotion to your husband and kids, I will say this; you take it easy on yourself and everything else will fall into place.

    And you must remember that we are here! Please tell uncle to bring Dj over here, you are all more than welcome.

    My god, my aunty's a superwoman and I didn't know!


  4. You can come her for dinner too, but you'll have to leave the country! So glad your passport is out of date!! But looking forward to seeing your superwoman cape back on so you feel well enough to fly and be pampered in Greece. See you again soon sis, let me know when to fly over. I assume this will be once you've settled back at home? I'll have to start practising some veggy cooking!

    big hugs sis xxxxx

  5. LOL Sis....
    First you invite me for dinner then immediately say glad my passport is out of date :-)))

    On a serious note though, am looking forward to being well enough to fly over. Greek pampering sounds pretty good to me
    Much luv to u both xxxx

  6. Also - date for the diary -
    Wednesday 6th October - you wake up to no more cancer. This is the day you really start to kick it right up the bum...

  7. I have informed the airports and harbours so there is no escape !!We want you back here fit and well.
    Stay strong sweetheart.
    All my love and admiration
    Rose xxx

  8. Aha! Rose... BUT they're *not* aware of my master disguise - I HAVE a triby hat, sunglasses and a very very long rainmac y'know :-))

    (I still don't have a current passport though, mine has genuinely expired) Bah!

  9. hi carole
    escaping o no too many people around to stop u doing that one no matter how many disguises u have lol
    sending my love to u hun hope the op goes really well for u and u have a good recovery afterwards
    keep hold of all that strenght hun
    love to u and look forward to james updates
    karen xxx

  10. Thanks Karen,
    I'll stay and I'll be brave(ish)...:-)
    I have no real alternative choice so forward we go eh, soon be all over and done with.
    Much luv to you and the kids Karen, be in touch later via email xxx

  11. I have a false moustache here you can borrow!

    Seriously, all of us all reading your blog know that leaving the country is not an option for you, you've got far too much in the way of balls for that.

    Thinking of you loads at the moment!


  12. Hi Clare,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence :-)

    Damn shame I can't trade these balls for an arse eh...:-)