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Friday, 29 April 2011

This made me smile today.......

It would appear that one prince is just not enough for bride-to-be Kate Middleton.

An online company claiming to sell "Will and Kate" wedding memorabilia have made a royal mug out of the occasion by advertising a cup with the wrong prince on it.

Miss Middleton is printed on the "limited edition heirloom" smiling away in her infamous blue engagement dress - right next to Will's brother Prince Harry.

The limited edition souvenir by Guandong Enterprises Ltd is to commemorate the "fairytale romantic union of all the centuries" and retails at £9.99 plus postage.

It is not clear whether the blunder is a witty joke or a right royal mistake.

On the website, the mug is advertised as "the finest bone china" featuring an exquisite design of the "happy couple".
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  1. Very funny, I have ordered mine!

    T x

  2. I don't think that was the biggest joke of the day. That accolade has to go to the outfit Princess Beatrice was wearing. Who, in the name of God, let that girl out of the house wearing a hat that made her look like a pantomime reindeer????

  3. Carole :) as this looks like the sort of joke Harry himself would play. Love it and ever so grateful to you for giving me something to smile about. Love always xo

  4. Carole, Oh my, is this for real? It couldn't possibly be an accident, or could it? Funny.

  5. Oh no and here I was about to order my mug lol I do like the cup though barring the photo of Harry..... But on the other hand he is cute too..... Alli.xx