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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Time is fast approaching........

It's almost October and therefore the time is fast approaching when I'll be asking you all once again if you'll consider buying one less pack of Christmas cards, or one less roll of wrapping paper, or even one less box of Chocolate biscuits and instead considering donating the couple of pounds you save to Trinity Hospice (link on the left hand side of my blog)..........BUT.........It's not *that* time just yet, it's too early to be asking for Christmas donations - so I found another way you could help, if you wanted to.

It doesn't even cost a pound and will take just a few short moments from your day.

Please vote for Trinity Hospice in this NatWest initiative. If they get enough votes they'll be awarded £6,000...more on this link. All you have to do is register and then vote for them. You actually are allowed 3 votes so after you've voted for Trinity have a look and see if there's anything local to you that you'd also like to vote for.

For this one you DO have to reside in the UK...so my oversea's friends can't help but all you UK based ones can make a difference. Please give up two minutes of your time, register and vote for Trinity (just to make me happy if nothing else - lol)
I had over 600 page hits from the UK last week  - if just a fraction of you take the time to register and vote it could make the difference between them gaining enough support to get this award.

Also, if any of you use Twitter, please would you consider spreading the word on there too (I don't 'do' Twitter) and your Facebook pages?

Have a read of what they do on this link below and I'm sure you'll see they are a worthy cause....


Thank you xx


  1. I'm buying cards this year from East Cheshire hospice. Also give a small amount to them each month as part of their in-house Lottery fund raising appeal. And donate our Christmas tree to their fund raising each year - phew!

  2. That's great Fiona,

    I think the Hospice's need and deserve whatever we can all do to help them along the way :)