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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Due to popular demand - LOL

As Louise is insisting on knowing about parents evening and Dj's internally marked SAT's results I thought I'd best put up the info in one place....so Lou, this one is especially for you :-)

Parents evening went very well, teacher is full of praise for Dj - pleasure to have in the class, excellent role model, absolutely no behavioural issues ever, always polite and helpful, matured so much over this year, worked exceptionally hard especially at things he found more difficult (writing/punctuation), homework always completed on time and to a high standard....I almost got bored listening it was all so good (not really, just joking on that one of course).

SAT's results were as I expected - based on the tests they did in school (SAT's papers from 2008) and Teacher Assessment (which I'm personally happier with anyway, the teacher knows them well enough to give a fairer overall assessment in my opinion).
So he got Level 5a in Science, 5a Reading, 4a Writing (huge improvement) 4a Maths (big improvement again) Art 5c, Design Tech 5c, History, Geography, Music all 4a, ICT 4b, PE 4c.

To explain the results above.....when children leave primary they are expected to be at secure level 4 (which is 4b) - therefore any subject graded 4a or level 5's are above the level expected.
Dj's only lower mark was in PE (4c) but considering the balance issues that he experienced and the fact he was only discharged from Occupational Therapy a year ago for balance and co-ordination, I'm more than happy with that grade.
He also received 'E' for Excellent effort in all subjects.

Teachers comments: Djamel this year has shown empathy, kindness and positivity in a variety of situations which has been delightful to see. He has many talents which he should be very proud of. Djamel should ensure at Secondary School that he maintains his confidence to allow him to continue to make progress. I have really enjoyed teaching Djamel this year and will miss his unique approach to learning and his jokes! Good luck Djamel!
Headteachers comments: A pleasing report, well done. All the very best in your new school.

Well done Dj xx


  1. Well done DJ! And well done Carole and Rab for keeping on track as this has not been an easy year.....for some reason I can't remember why.....oh yes, its all about you. laters x

  2. At last!!!

    Well done DJ. Excellent. Really proud of you.

    Auntie Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (no, boy, you're not too big for soppy Auntie kisses!)