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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Happy Birthday Djamel - 31st August 2010

Happy 11th Birthday to Djamel...:-)

I think he had a lovely day, presents, pizza and chocolate cake (favourites) and his friend round to play from 2pm to 8pm - we did ask him if he wanted a birthday party but he said he didn't... (he's not really a party kid, seems to prefer just hanging with his best mate Aidan)...

Nan and Grandad came over and then James and Leanne arrived after work in the evening.

The two boys had 'party food' (junk) and I cooked a Malaysian Beef curry for us adults, with curried lentils as a side dish, mixed salad and nan bread....everyone seemed to enjoy it, so that was good.

Djamel got some lovely presents - thank you to everyone, much appreciated....

Great (huge) selection of spy books and cash from Nan and Grandad
Paintball guns and a new gaming mouse from Auntie Sarah and Manolis

Book voucher from Lou, Cash from Hazel, Cash from Riad, Cash from Jacqui,
Lots of books, PC/X box games, Nerf Dart-Guns from Mum and Dad
Nintendo DS game from Aidan
Hoodie top and a WWII Gas mask from James and Leanne....Yes! Really...:-)

Djamel collects WWII stuff. He already had a helmet and some ammunition cases and he'd asked for a WWII gas mask for ages (he saw one in Gloucestershire when we stayed with Lou last August)...

He was soooo happy when he realised what James and Leanne's present was :-)

I asked him if he'd had a nice birthday and he replied 'Actually it was a REALLY nice birthday' ...so, like I said - it's all good :-)

Grandad reliving his childhood - again :-))


  1. Happy Birthday Dj - gorgeous looking lad, lovely smile - maybe not quite so gorgeous in the 2nd photo tho!

    Good luck with the scan, Carole

    Much love

    Shents x

  2. Glad Djamel had a nice day, he deserves it as he's been such a joy to you keeping your spirit up and has been a very brave boy this year. A lot to take on for an 10/11 year old but hey, I wonder how may 11 year old's would get a gas mask for his birthday! It looks great! Totally unique, like DJ! Happy 11th Birthday.
    Auntie Sarah and Manolis xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks Shents, he is a sweetie and gorgeous too...He's just seen your comment and said 'Oh My GOD! I can't believe you put my picture on your blog in my PJ's...!
    He soon recovered when he saw the 'gorgeous' comment though :-)

  4. Thanks Sis, have got a video that I'll be sending you later on via email :-)

    And you're right, it's been a tougher than usual year for all of us - including Dj - and he's done so well despite everything :-)

  5. What a lovely day for a lovely lad.The curry sounds fab.Glad you had something to take your mind off things for a little while.
    Love Rosexxx

  6. happy belated birthday and good luck at big school DJ :O)