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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy Birthday to my Youngest Son :)

Today was Dj's 12th birthday - we asked him what he'd like to do on his special day and his reply was 'just spend it with Nan & Grandad and keep it quiet' - so that was what we did.

He was pleased with his presents, mainly books and Xbox games from us - although Rab did get him his BB gun that he'd been virtually begging for. I was against the idea but it is only small plastic pellets and does look far less realistic than it appeared on-line.
He loves shooting things (not people - lol, just plastic bottles, tin cans, targets etc) and has a huge collection of Nerf guns, catapults, sling-shot, potato gun, cap gun....sigh.... so although I don't like the whole gun thing I was democratically outvoted on this one...Not to worry I generally do win, so occasionally it's right that I'm over-ruled and outvoted :) And he's happy.

Apart from that he received gift vouchers from Nan & Grandad, Sarah & Louise (thank you all) and also a set of books from  Nan & Grandad...lovely T-shirt and hoody top from his brother & Leanne plus they've given him an IOU for a trip to Thorpe Park (Theme park with rollercoasters etc) as they are away at the moment...Jacqui got him a lovely set for his WWII collection which included a replica Identity Card and Rations book...My Mum's friend sent him cash...and he has other bits on their way at a later date.

So the answer to 'What did he get?' is, probably too much as usual - but he doesn't get (expensive) presents at times other than Christmas and Birthdays so I figure it's okay to 'spoil' him twice a year - plus a very large portion of his presents is made up of reading material and I think you simply CAN'T spend 'too much' on books. His love of reading is well worth the cost in my opinion.

He had a small cake and I found a 'sparkler' in the drawer that I knew he'd be happy to light whilst we sang Happy Birthday to him - he twirled it around and this is how it came out in the photograph....

On Saturday he's going to spend the day with his best mate, A...they are going to have an 'Xbox Halo day' apparently..(he's absolutely mad on anything 'Halo') then the following Saturday we are taking him and four of his friends out for pizza and maybe cinema afterwards.

I asked him tonight what was the best part of his birthday and he said 'I'm not going to lie, it was the presents' ........LOL!

So all in all, a good day  :)


  1. happy birthday Dj, glad he had a lovely day :D

  2. I'm pleased he said the presents were the best bit lol, thats just what a 12yr old should say!! and that picture of the sparkler's come out great hasn't it, I know I don't know your son Carole, but Happy Birthday Dj x
    Lynn x

  3. Thank you Sarah and Lynn from me - and Dj :)

    And yes, you're right Lynn - that IS what a 12 yr old should say really!
    As adults we move away from that for fear of seeming greedy or maybe even ungrateful, but I still think the presents are the best bit of even my own birthday - lol :))

  4. I loved your description of your son's birthday too Carol. He sounds a great lad and refreshingly honest! My thirty two year old ' spent' his Christmas prezzy indoor sky diving vouchers last week and was extra excited to find out there was a Legoland exhibition nearby...

  5. Hi Angel :)

    He is lovely and totally honest, if you were looking for reassurance and said 'Does my bum look big in this?' he'd say 'yes' (if it did)!

    So a note for the future to any girlfriends or wife: do NOT ask unless you *really* want to know - lol.

    Indoor sky diving sounds like something my eldest would really enjoy AND he's been to Legoland (that's the advantage of having a much younger brother I think)...
    My daughter in law loves kids films like Disney etc so she's *always* trying to convince Dj he'd like them too (without much luck)...Last time she tried this she was overruled and they all ended up seeing the A Team instead :)))

  6. Sis, you are making me home sick again! :(
    Glad he had a good day, I was thinking about him. Great sparkler photo! much love to all, little sis xxxx

  7. Carol sounds like you have a terrific son. I'm glad he had a good Birthday.
    I wanted to thank you for posting what you did about our children leaving home. Yes it is his time. It will take getting used to as well as for him not having "Mom" readily there for him....If they could stay small a little longer.....
    Love Alli......XX

  8. Hi Carole,
    And belated birthday wishes to DJ!
    Sounds like he had a great time, and presents! lol!
    Love the sparkler pic!
    Hugs Carol

  9. Happy Birthday DJ and thank you for your honesty. Carole, as a parent, you must feel so very proud that he is able to speak honestly to you. As parents, you are remarkable role models.

  10. Oh to be 12 again, an age of innocence and boys toys...Happy Birthday DJ from the Songhurst family. We hope to meet you one day soon,

    Much Love

    Tony, Frances and Charlotte